Best spots to eat oysters in Boracay island, Philippines

Oyster heaven: Boracay

Oysters (talaba – Tag.) are a healthy and fun food option. They are a natural source of high-quality protein and always set a feisty food during the meal. Maybe it’s because we seldom eat oysters just by ourselves, they are usually shared with friends and family on special occasions. Or maybe it is cause they are considered “fancy dining”?


Well, not here in the Philippines! We also ignore the rule to eat talaba during certain months and enjoy them all throughout the year! Today I will list the best 4 places to eat oysters on our tiny island called Boracay.

Los Indios Bravos

This pub situated in between two Boracay beaches – Bulabog and White Beach – is a great place to eat any meal of the day, but especially dinners. They serve a great variations of appetizers, main dishes, craft beer… and oysters! Pick whatever you prefer: fresh oimg_3313ysters (PHP 280), baked oysters or oysters Rockefeller (baked under B├ęchamel sauce, spinach and melted cheese – PHP 310). A huge seafood platter (PHP 1500) which includes fresh oysters, salmon, tuna, shrimps and kinilaw – Filipino ceviche, with a choice of sauces would be a perfect choice for a group meal.


Pig Out Bistro

14740975_1132125506822697_1342951541_nThis new-opened bistro on the Main Road, next to Jony’s hotel offers top-notch yummy food! They make their oysters with sauce made of fresh greens (around PHP 200) and serve them on a eco-platter made of wood and rocks. Don’t ignore salmon gnocchi and tuna salad! Extra-perk: air-conditioned area.


D’Talipapa Market

This big market with lots of various seafood is a major tourist attraction of the island. You can buy a kilo of oysters and ask the near-buy cafes cook them any style. The price for a kilo may vary since the sellers will take any chance to get more money from you if they see you are not local (should not be more than PHP 70 per kilo, but better PHP 50, go ahead and bargain!).


The best and the cimg_3347heapest way to eat oysters here is to buy a big sack at the local market (Main Road, in from of LBC) for PHP 50 per kilo and enjoy them at home! You can wash them and try opening them raw with a knife or a big nail and serve them on ice, otherwise put them in boiling water for 3 minutes so they will start opening on their own. Make a bowl of sauce from vinegar, chilis, calamansi (sort of local tiny limes), soy sauce and a bit of sugar and don’t forget rice and chilled Chardonnay on the side!


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